Our Mission

Welcome to NewsFake.org. Our mission is simple. There is a war of ideas in the USA today, and it’s being waged by the mainstream media. We’re told the news is not fake, that we should believe it. When somebody says the news is fake, how do you prove it?

This is a collection of fake news from major sources. The goal is not to highlight all the fake news from the hundreds of fake news sites that pop up every day, but instead to highlight the news coming from the big names: CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS.

What is fake news?

The easiest to spot is when the headline of an article does not match or contradicts the content. But more devious fake news may simply use weasel words to avoid making a conclusion or quote sources who lie in order to stay “clean” as an outlet.

Lying sources are a clever way to push an agenda without exposing the entire organization as biased, however this does not absolve an organization from their duty to fact check and corroborate stories. When these last two steps are missing, you are likely looking at FAKE NEWS.

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